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Bike to work – a little better than that other bike video I posted

Things are improving – I’ve found a better encoder (not as lossy) and also mounted my camera on my helmet (thanks for the suggestion Chris!). This video is of me biking to work, sped up 5 times and playing with my camera’s special effect features (shot in black and white, except for the color red). I had trouble keeping the damn camera level, you will see in this video I stop a few times and try to readjust the camera.

Camera mounted to helmet

Camera mounted to helmet

You can view the video in HD here

Bike to work (sped up 5 times) from Stephan Esterhuizen on Vimeo.

A casual bike through streets of Pasadena, California, USA

I decided to take my shiny new toy (Canon SD940 digital camera) for a spin on my road bike. I taped the thing to my handle bars and took 20 minutes of 1280×760 video. It filled up about 4GB of disk space at 30fps. It’s truly beautiful watching the uncompressed video – unfortunately something horrid happened when I go from 4GB to 50MB with MPEG4 compression, I guess the laws of physics are very unforgiving.


Bike with camera 'installed'

Here is the movie (below) (and a link as well), sorry for the poor quality. I already burnt a large part of my saturday trying to get all the software to play with each other, time to go do other fun things – so long, suckers!

Pasadena: Rose Bowl and Neighbouring Areas (on bike) from Stephan Esterhuizen on Vimeo.

Tamale Friday greets you (and fun in Cape Town)

While sitting at my favourite coffee shop in Pasadena, CA, drinking a ‘red-eye’ (it really wakes you up) and eating Tamale’s, I decided to look through old photos and found this: Long-lost photos of my trip to Cape Town,  South Africa for Dudley’s wedding back in 2007. Here are a few photos summing up the trip.



Biking to work is cool

I’ve biked to work nearly every day for the last two weeks and will try and continue doing this until, well, something else interesting happens. These pictures below were taken outside my building, apparently I’m not the only one with the clever idea of biking in to work. It takes about 20 minutes to bike in to work (~10km) with an elevation change of 100m and 15 minutes to get back home.


A few friends were in town from Colorado and Michigan for Halloween, we decided to make a big night out of it and attend a Bel Air (mansion) house party. As we pulled up in our van (with no back seats), holding about 10 people cleverly clad in costumes appropriate for such a night, a few things became apparent:

  • The house (mansion) had two gentlemen to valet our van
  • The house (mansion) was really a mansion
  • Did I say Bel Air?
  • The front entrance of the mansion included two dance poles
  • They had a bar with 3 or 4 bartenders at any given time… and it was OPEN. I mean, seriously, who has an open bar at a house party with 100+ guests?

What type of halloween party did we just walk into? Well, one that had the promise to totally rock our worlds. 


See the dancing poles in the back?

See the dancing poles in the back?



More random people (see me in the white hat & fro?) I met at Halloween.

More random people (see me in the white hat & fro?) I met at Halloween.


Not your average party (at least, not mine!)