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Keep track of where your money went easily online

I recently discovered, it is absolutely marvelous! It can do (among others) a few things that I love

  • Connect to all your banks and automatically import transactions
  • Get loan information via your banks
  • Easily categorize your spending, allowing you to:
    • Create graphs of monthly spending by category (and others)
    • Keep track of your allowable budget, this means you would allocate, say, $200 for groceries per month, when it sees you have purchased more than that amount, it will sms/email you.
  • Connect to my account and keep track of my stocks (also tells me how well I’m doing compared to,say, the DOW – I’m doing worse! crap)

Anywho, this is totally great, because I almost started writing my own application to do these things this weekend. Thanks to my smart googling, I saved myself hours of programming!