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Bogota, Colombia (November 2009)

I recently went to Colombia for a short (~2 week) vacation with friends from Colorado. Our motley crew included Jack, Tiff, Drew, Missy and me. The others arrived in Bogota, the capital of Colombia Friday the 13th of November 2009, one day before me. Here is a picture taken just minutes before landing at Bogota’s Eldorado airport.


Shortly after arriving in Bogota, I met up with my friends and we walked to the “Museo del Oro” (Gold Museum). Now, I’m not one who cares much for museums, but this one was pretty cool, we saw SPACE INVADERS!

Oh yes, here you can see the rest of my travel buddies. All crazy-people (currently) hailing from Boulder, Colorado, USA.


Bogota proper sports a population of just a tad bit over 7 million people. La Candelaria, where we staid, is a neighbourhood in the older part of Bogota. The neighbourhood is right next to the mountains, providing for some amazing views – the people also really enjoy their colours and grafiti

That’s it for now, more stories to come about crazy Colombia adventures.

Hello from Mexico City (and funny customs form)

Just arrived in Mexico City, plane boarding for Bogata in… -10 minutes. Here is a funny Mexican customs form

PS. I already wish I spoke some Spanish, I pretend to know it by uttering one or two words I know, then when they respond in a burst of incoherene I shrug and say in English ‘sorry, English?’

First leg of Colombia trip. Los Angeles to Mexico city

I’m waiting at the Los Angeles airport for my flight to Mexico City. It feels like I have been traveling for a while already *sigh*. I just noticed a curious thing: on my boarding pass (see photo) the boarding time is 3 hours before the departure time, let’s hope this is just a silly computer bug. Seriously, how can such mistakes be made on electronic tickets in this day and age?

I had a little trouble checking in as well, the check in clerk was convinced I needed a visa for Colombia, he took nearly 1/2 an hour convincing himself that I was in the clear.

I’ll see if I can blag from Mexico or Colombia. Until we meet again